Ki Force

Ki Force is a hands on healing process developed by Ron Urquhart. Ron spent over 25 years working and living with native cultures around the world researching the most outstanding healing processes. He researched the ancient “Ki” technique and combined it with traditional native healing approaches to develop Ki Force.

Ki Force teaches practitioners to consciously open their hearts, rebalance their seven major chakras, and open to a natural flow of energy. When the subtle energetic flow is blocked (cause of illness) , the physical body will manifest with physical illness (effect). For lasting healing to occur, we need to deal with both the cause and the effect of the blockage.

Ki Force is based on the notion that we are all master healers and subtle healing energy is a natural gift available to all.

I completed my First Degree in June 2006, under Ki Force Master Trainer Elaine Buckley in Mount Gambier, South Australia.