The Crystalline Skeleton

I studied Crystalline Skeleton under Reiki Master Trisha Ellis S.R.N., R.M., Dip. T., B. Ed, in January 2003. Trish was also an EMF Balancing Technique Teacher, a Crystal Balancing Facilitator, a Spiritual Energy Practitioner and co founder of The Healing Grace System and Technique. The Crystalline Skeleton was a prerequisite to The Healing Grace Technique.

As we journey within the Photon Belt we are being bombarded by photons and ‘parcels’ of Light, Wisdom and Knowledge therein. As the smallest particles in our cells are stimulated by the photons our Crystalline Skeleton is a ‘place to store’ this wonderful new energy, it is part of our energy anatomy. The Crystalline Skeleton technique is about awakening your crystalline self and diamond consciousness.

During the healing I will cleanse the ‘invisible’ antenna that run in rows along your scalp, which is a technique I learned from The Crystalline Skeleton. Some clients feel tingling sensations during this cleansing or may receive information or guidance. It is often a powerful experience for the client.